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Need a passport or Visa?

Order Passports and Visas

Want to check on the status of an arriving or
departing flight?

Flight Tracker by Webtrax

How do US dollars convert into Indonesian Rupiah?
French Francs into Japanese Yen? How about Ethiopian
Birr into Fiji Dollars? Get estimates, or find out
about world currencies here:

Currency Converter

Here are some places to find out about any
current travel or health advisories, as well
as much more useful information from U.S.
government resources.

Travel Advisories

Traveler's Health

U.S. Customs Info

What's the weather outlook in your hometown or at
your planned destination?

World Weather

Click on the link below for a wealth of information on just about any destination in the world. Here you can find information on history, culture, attractions, political environment, events, how to get there and back, and details such as currency, costs, language, population, visa requirements, health risks, electricity, time zones, etc, etc.

Lonely Planet Destinations

Finally, a few sites that are unrelated to travel,
but I like 'em anyway!

One of the best opportunities I ever gave to myself:

University of Santa Monica

An awesome web designer:

Software Solutions by Taglen


Moorea, French Polynesia


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